Our Certified Mastectomy Fitters understand the challenges that breast cancer survivors face.

We carry a full range of highest-quality breast forms, partial breast forms and beautiful bras to help clients after a full or partial mastectomy, lumpectomy, reconstruction, augmentation, or reduction. We offer private fittings in a feminine atmosphere for your comfort.

Mastectomy Forms & Bras

We are proud to be a Trulife Naturalwear fitter. We can help you find and fit the perfect Naturalwear BodiCool™ breast form for you and a Naturalwear bra that fits and flatters your silhouette. We also offer a variety of post-surgical camisoles, hair loss products, and other specialty products to help you look your best.

BodiCool™ Breast Forms

These silicone breast forms were designed to maintain a comfortable temperature and be lightweight and easy to wear. Made of TruCool™ Gel, the prostheses have cooling cushions that promote air circulation and maximum comfort, and each comes with a removable cover.

Radiant Impressions™ Breast Forms

Radiant Impressions is a non-surgical reconstruction option that is custom made for your body after a mastectomy, lumpectomy, or reconstruction. Our certified fitters will use rapid 3D scanning technology to create a detailed image of your surgery site. Then, a soft, comfortable silicone prosthesis will be hand crafted at the Trulife studios to match your contour, shape, profile, and skin tone (36 available). When it’s ready, we’ll arrange a fitting to ensure it looks and feels perfect and help you select a supportive, comfortable bra.

Naturalwear Bras

Our experienced, certified mastectomy fitters understand body types, styles, and fashions and will help ensure a proper, comfortable fit of your breast form and bra.

Medicare and most private insurance accepted for breast forms and mastectomy bra purchases; no pre-payment is ever required. Appointments are required to ensure a Certified Mastectomy Fitter is available; allow 30–45 minutes.

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Bridal Accessories

Other Essentials

Swimwear & Sleepwear

Stacey’s carries a wide selection of sleepwear and swimwear for women of all sizes and shapes. We can help you find the perfect styles and fit, whether you’ve had breast surgery, are a hard-to-find size, or just can’t find anything comfortable or flattering. Ditch the disheartening dressing room mirrors and let our professional fitters help you find something that makes you feel beautiful in a private, supportive atmosphere.

Professional Bra Fittings

We carry bras for all regular sizes from 28A-56M! If you’ve struggled to find the right fit or size, come in for a professional fitting. We’ll help you choose a bra that is comfortable, supportive, and flattering. Appointments are welcome but not necessary for a standard bra fitting; allow 30–45 minutes.


Stacey’s carries a wide variety of accessories and products to keep your lingerie and breast forms in good condition, including specialty washes, lingerie bags, and storage options. Come browse our ever-changing selection or talk to our professional fitters about how to best preserve your bras and foundational pieces.

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